Terms and Conditions

  1. A Select Mobility Scooters rents to Renter by either live signature or acknowledgement online the type of Mobility Equipment/Scooter
    requested in person or on line. The Renter acknowledges reading, understanding, and being bound by both the order form and terms and conditions form together one entire agreement. No other terms, oral or writing that do not appear on the face of those instruments has any force or effect. Renter agrees to all terms and conditions set forth by live signature or acknowledgement online.
  2. The Mobility Equipment (Scooter) is the property of A Select Mobility Scooters and is in good condition. Renter will return the Mobility Equipment/Scooter in the same condition received.
  3. Rental agreement will be in effect upon acknowledgement of rental terms and receipt of payment/authorization. Rental periods will be based on a calendar day. Units must be returned by 7:00 AM to avoid additional charges. The renter will default if he or she retains possession beyond the period for which the property was reserved or upon notice of damage to or destruction of the Mobility Equipment/Scooter.
  4. The permissible cancellation period is defined as 24 hours before delivery time requested on the order form.
  5. A Select Mobility requires the Mobility Equipment/Scooter to be operated by a single individual 18 years of age or older. RENTER AGREES THAT ONLY ONE PERSON IS ALLOWED TO RIDE ON SCOOTER AT ALL TIMES. Renter agrees not to operate Mobility Equipment (Scooter) while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics and has the ability to operate it safely.
  6. Renter agrees to operate Mobility Equipment/Scooter in marked crosswalks or marked handicapped areas. Renter will not operate in any fashion on public streets or in areas having a cross slope greater than 2 degrees or are otherwise unsafe or hazardous.
  7. Renter agrees to pay all costs, expenses and attorneys fees incurred by A Select Mobility Scooters in collecting sums due in regaining possession of Mobility Equipment/Scooter, enforcing or recovering any damage, losses or claims against renter.
  8. Renter shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless A Select Mobility Scooters all of their agents, officers and employees from and against any and all losses, liability claims, damages, injuries, demands, actions and caused of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury claimed by persons that may arise from the use, operation or driving of the Mobility Equipment/Scooter, provided that such loss or damage was not caused by the fault or gross negligence and willful misconduct of A Select Mobility Scooters or its employees.
  9. No agent, employee or representative of A Select Mobility Scooters has any authority to bind A Select Mobility Scooters to any affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning the Mobility Equipment/Scooter leased under this Agreement ,and unless an affirmation, representation or warranty made by an agent, employee, or representative is specifically included within this Agreement, it will not be enforced by Rentee.
  10. A Select Mobility Scooters does not warrant that equipment has specification of height, width, or breadth that renders is capable of navigation in property said to be accessible to the disabled.
  11. Renter will bear the entire risk of destruction, loss, theft, reacquisition of title, or use, confiscation, taking, or damage (collectively, casualty loss) of the Mobility Equipment/Scooter from any cause during the period commencing when the Mobility Equipment/Scooter is delivered to Rentee and ending when the Mobility Equipment/Scooter is returned to A Select Mobility Scooters or its designee following termination of rental. If during that period the Mobility Equipment/Scooter suffers any casualty loss, Rentee will notify A Select Mobility Scooters immediately following the casualty loss. On demand by A Select Mobility Scooters, Rentee will (1) if the damage constituting the casualty loss is repairable in order to return the Mobility Equipment/Scooter to the condition received by Rentee at the sole expense of the Rentee OR (2) if the damage constituting the casualty loss is not repairable Rentee agrees to Replace the Mobility Equipment/Scooter according to A Select Mobility Scooters estimate of Fair Market Value as of the date of loss at the sole expense of the Rentee
  12. A Select Mobility Scooters has the right to demand the return of Mobility Equipment/Scooter via email, facsimile, or ordinary mail return receipt requested.